Over. Rated.

I’ve long thought Paul Haggis was overrated.  But he’s just taken the cake with his video for the new We Are the World.

Not only does he make a video where not one person trips and breaks/almost breaks their neck (oh, that Paul Haggis charm) but he also neglected to get Rashida Jones, who was in attendance, in the video.

Are you kidding me, Haggis??

That’s bush league!  If she is in the room and you have a camera you are morally and ethically obligated to get her on camera.

I sat through Crash without snickering too much.  I watched your crapfest writing in action when I bothered to watch The Last Kiss and I attempted to watch at least five minutes of “The Black Donnellys.”  And THIS is how you repay me?

Sir, you are constantly a disappointment.

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