Nation of Awesome

Need a gig?  I found this on Craigslist…

Model Wanted

My favorite part of this is that they still want a photo of your face if you submit yourself.  I think it’s a trap.  This dude just has a fetish for girls who are willing to show their butt cleavage.  Weirdo.
I say swarm this guy’s inbox with photos of butt cracks.  If I were Stephen Colbert and you were the Colbert Nation you’d do it.
How about I give you a name?  From now on, if you follow my blog then you are a member of the Awesome Nation!  Hmm, I kinda like Nation of Awesome better.  So come on nation!  Let’s give this guy a crack at being repulsed.

If you’re still looking for work, maybe you would be interested in this gig:

Actor Wanted

Did you pick up on what I picked up on?  “queer 24 year-old Italian American.  Think Shia LaBeouf.”  Who still says “queer” anyway?  What a douche.

Shia, who is straight and Jewish, should apply.  Does anyone have a way to contact him?  Tell him to send a picture of his butt cleavage to this guy.

How does someone casting for a movie get so off base with what type the role is?  Shia LaBeouf is like a queer Italian American?  That’s like posting a casting break down for a tall, buff man who looks like he can throw a punch.  Think Don Knotts.

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