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I have heard a few people complain about how so many people have been outraged by Conan O’Brien’s getting pushed out of the Tonight Show but haven’t talked about the real crises in the world.

I haven’t talked about the real problems in the world either…because this is a comedy blog.  I touch on some serious subjects sometimes, but I’m writing this to makes jokes.

Detractors say…”Who cares about Conan?  He’s getting $30-50 million.  There are real problems in the world.  Like, I REALLY want an iPad!!”

Oh how short their attention spans are.

Since I’ve made a joke in this blog, I will consider this as being a job well done.  And I’ll take a tip from my hero Conan who warned people to not be cynical.
There are a lot of serious things going on in the world.  What good is it to be so hateful about things that aren’t that big of a deal when you can put that energy into actually helping others?

So, I urge you to give some money for Haiti Relief.

Do it anywhere; Church,, the Red Cross…just give and make sure that it’s a reputable place.  And don’t give up thinking and praying for the people of Haiti.  They’ll need hands and aid for a long time so don’t think just giving once is all you can do.

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