Coco will GoGo

Since Conan O’Brien’s stint as the host of the “Tonight Show” is narrowing down I started to think of things I’d like to see him do.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Host SNL.
We’ve all wanted him to again ever since he did years ago.

Appear on Late Night
Letterman did it for Conan, he should return the favor to Fallon.

Make Ridiculous Videos on YouTube or his own website
I’m thinking

Steal Jeff Zucker’s Desk
Like he used to do when they were in Harvard together.

Mentor me
That one’s serious.  I want Coco to be my mentor.

Play Robert Pattinson’s Dad in the next Twilight movie
He wouldn’t need any make-up!

Appear on Letterman the first night Leno comes back
How would those “Tonight Show” ratings be, Zucker?

Go to ABC and star in his own show entitled “Ugly Yeti”

Sign a deal as Leno’s Tonight Show successor but as Conando

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  1. Agreed. That and the Irish Boxer who was so bad that at some point he’d just bleed out of nervousness. Man. Conan is my hero.

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