How My Heart is Breaking This Week

When Tiger Woods got married a lot of Black women complained that he was marrying a White woman.  A lady actually said to me once, “So I guess Tiger just doesn’t like Black girls, huh?”

Black guys aren’t really the best people to complain about that to.

We love White women.  We practically created cougars.

In truth, Black guys just love women, but when even Stevie Wonder sings about Jungle Fever you have to just accept it for what it is.

Plus, the kids of interracial marriages are always so gorgeous.  Am I right?  Halle Berry.  President Obama.  I rest my case.
I like to think that gorgeous mixed kids is God’s way of sticking it to racist people.

I wonder if that’s why that judge in Louisiana wouldn’t marry an interracial couple, because he was mad that their kids would look so much better than his.
Maybe I should start taking it as a compliment that people assume I’m mixed.  Aww…how sweet, guys.

Back to Tiger, now that his mistress count is in the double digits (does that make him under or over par?) and that the media has put skanky faces to the skanky text messages we see that none of them were Black.
No Black girls, Tiger?  Some women are gonna be upset.

“First we’re not good enough to marry, and now we’re not even good enough to cheat with?  If this were a game of ‘Marry, Kill, Bop’ he’d choose killing us?!?!”

It’s bad enough that Tiger cheated, especially soooo much.  It’s even worse that these rendezvous are so embarrassing for his wife.  The worst of it all might be that these women are being paraded out there the way they are.  Even on legitimate programs like the “Today Show.”

Really, NBC?  Why don’t you just interview Joe Francis and tell him he should make a “Girls Gone Wild…with Tiger” video?  I’m sure he can make some connection to the jungle and Tiger’s name.  He’s so clever that douche bag.

Thanks to organizations like the “Today Show,” Tiger’s wife is having to read a headline like “Tiger’s Mistress: I Don’t Owe His Wife an Apology.”
Really?  You don’t owe her an apology?  Well, maybe you should at least give her a heads-up on which skanktastic STDs you have.
Another mistress is shooting down prostitution claims.  No, I think you’re misunderstanding…we’re just calling you a whore.

I may not know Tiger’s wife Elin, but even if she’s a jerk she doesn’t deserve this humiliation.  And with this story dominating the news, it means any woman who as been cheated on is getting a constant reminder of that pain.  I live in South Carolina and word that the Governor’s wife filed for divorce just came out.  This isn’t an easy week for her either.

I may hate just the glimpse of what all these women are going through, but it’s not my heart that’s breaking this week.

2 Replies to “How My Heart is Breaking This Week”

  1. Why don’t you just interview Joe Francis and tell him he should make a “Girls Gone Wild…with Tiger” video?

    He tried, but the Kratt brothers already made an adult film entitled “Girls Gone Wild with A Tiger,” and there was a lot of confusion. It especially didn’t help that both were categorized as “Jungle Fever.”

    As a side note, this is the first time I’ve visited your site and it’s funny enough that I’ve read more than one entry. So well done.

  2. I don’t understand why this all is news. Stuff like this should be kept between him and his family, and just for the reason you pointed out. To protect the innocent (his wife and other family members who are also likely embarrassed and hurt by this).

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