Google. More Like…

I’m taking a new approach to life.  It’s something I learned from Google, actually.

I learn so much from you, Google.  Like who that lady was on that show that time; or how to properly use the word “gerfunkle”; and now how to take a hint.

See, I’m all gerfunkled because the Google started a fade in effect for the homepage.  Google then asked for feedback about this fade in feature.

The result was pretty clear.  Nobody gets it and everybody hates it.

Despite that, Google is actually going to stick with this “feature:”

Seriously, Google?  What is the point of asking for our advice and not taking it?  You’re like the idiot friend everyone had growing up who would always ask you for your advice then promptly ignore it.
“No, you really shouldn’t get a face tattoo.  It’s a horrible idea.”  Then they do it anyway.

Apparently, we all knew Mike Tyson growing up.

Nonetheless, it got me thinking.  How else could this brilliant logic of Google’s be applied?

“Hey, wanna go out sometime?”
“See ya at 8!”

I might actually try that sometime.

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