How My Heart is Breaking This Week

“Heartbreaking” might be a bit of an overstatement.  Or it at least does not properly descripe how I feel.

Here’s the deal, I apparently live where there are a lot of self-righteous people.  And sometimes their self-righteousness really peeves me.

Ah, that’s the word!  Peeve.  How I’m Peeved This Week.  That’ll work.

Some people are a bit self-righteous and love to force their views on everyone else.  How else could you explain why certain magazine covers are covered up in the aisles at the grocery store?

They’ve put up these little dividers in front of magazines like In Shape or Glamour in the checkout aisles at my grocery store.

I get it.  Lust is wrong.  It’s a sin, even.  But a magazine can’t lust.  I can lust.  If I see the magazine and lust, that’s on me.  Not the grocery and not the magazine.

Did you guys ever think that there’s not much you can really do to prevent that?  Cover up all the magazines, it’s not going to stop someone who has lust issues from lusting.  He could look at a girl in a baggy sweatshirt and lust.  It’s the dude, not the lady in the sweatshirt.

Here are some examples of what they’ll cover up:

I realize these women aren’t wearing a whole lot, but they even cover up magazine covers like this:

She’s wearing plenty.  Just cause she’s adorable doesn’t make it wrong.  It’s just too bad that I don’t know her personally.  And that’s the real sin.

Bikini or not, though, there is a big difference between the above magazine covers and the lasciviousness of these:

They don’t sale Maxim in the aisle.  The point I’m making is Maxim is lame and for douche bags.  Maybe that’s not a sin, but it should be.
And on top of that, the poses on the Maxim covers are trying to illicit lustful thoughts.  In Shape is just trying to say “Look what working out did for my abs.”
Maybe the people complaining are fat people who feel insecure when they look at the food in their cart then look at Julia Louis Dreyfuss and he fantastic abs.  It’s like when I see Ryan Reynolds.


I just think it’s lame that they cover up those particular magazines.  Especially since they don’t care to block tabloids that publish flat out lies and gossip.  Which, for those of you taking score, ARE ALSO SINS.

How about we cover up that crap?  Oh, because “We shouldn’t tell other people how to live?”  Because “We can’t control everything?  We’re in America!  Yeah!”

So then why are you trying to control what magazines I see when I walk through the grocery store?  Who asked me?  Well, who asked you?  Nobody.  But, that didn’t stop you from telling me what I could do.

And that is how my heart is breaking this week.

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