Who Are the Ad Wizards Who Came Up With This One

I’m going to make a drink called Douche Juice.  It will be specifically tailored to douche bags.

This isn’t because I want to encourage their behavior, though I know it will, this is going to be done so people can know without any doubt that someone is a douche.

Seriously, ladies, if a guy at a bar buys you a drink and says, “It’s vodka and Douche Juice, I hate the name but it tastes sooo good,” then you’d know he was a douche.  No question about it.  No denying…DOUCHE.  You can walk away confident that he wouldn’t have been good for you.

I’m just looking out for you ladies.

I’m almost certain Ed Hardy t-shirts are following the same logic.

2 Replies to “Who Are the Ad Wizards Who Came Up With This One”

  1. This came from a convo I was having with my friend Clay. I referred to something as Douche Juice then started saying I was going to market a product called that.
    So basically I was just joking around and thought of this. lol

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