Maybe He Should’ve Bought Into Smartwater Instead

50 Cent said in a recent interview that Jay-Z is soft.  Basically that’s what he’s saying.  That Jay-Z isn’t hood anymore because he’s so rich.  “The money changed him,” 50 said.

And here is a picture of 50 Cent’s mansion:

You’re reading this correctly.  This mansion is in Connecticut.

Farmington, CT to be exact.  The whitest sounding town in the US.  When you live in a place like that Heathcliff Huxtable has more street cred than you.

So yeah, Jay-Z is the one who isn’t hard…because he still lives in New York and not in Connecticut.

This is probably the most ridiculous beef I’ve heard.  One rich rapper saying another rich (but less rich) rapper lost his rep just because he’s rich.  Well, isn’t that the rapper calling the rapper black?

That would be like Dina Lohan saying to Kathy Hilton that Paris Hilton is out of control.  Who is Dina Lohan to say that?  No really, who is Dina Lohan?  Kathy Hilton wouldn’t know.

Congrats on keeping your hood rep up, 50.  It led to you being compared to Dina Lohan.

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