How I Met My Heart Which is Breaking This Week

Ok, so maybe it’s not MY heart that is breaking this time but instead Josh “Ted Mosby” Radnor’s and Lindsay Price’s.

In case you didn’t know, they were dating and they just broke up.

Generally, I don’t care who a celebrity dates unless it’s my future wife Jennifer Aniston or possible wife Nicole Scherzinger.

But it’s different with this relationship because I’m a “How I Met Your Mother” lover.  If you get into that show you want Ted to find the mother and you want it to be perfectly romantic.
So when the guy who plays him and a lovely gal (which Lindsay Price seems to be) break up you think, “Awww, Ted.  You’ll find her!  She has a yellow umbrella…ella, ella.”

So I’ll drink a Scotch and soda to you, buddy.  You’ll find the one, just get back out there.  And for Pete’s sake – SUIT UP!

And that is how my heart is breaking this week.

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