Wait Til I Get My Money Right

I really don’t like Barenaked Ladies.  At all.  Not just because it’s awkward to say, “I really don’t like Barenaked Ladies” or “I’m going to see Barenaked Ladies” without sounding like a weirdo.  I just don’t like them.

But if I had a million dollars I would immediately fulfill one of my top 3 dreams.  To find the best rib joint in the U.S.  And by the way, the best rib joint in the world is in the U.S.
Do you think Canada would know how to make a good rib?  They’d use a hockey puck to season it.  Canucks, eh?
I bet there is a good rib joint in Australia, though.  They keep surprising me with their awesomeness.  Have you seen Orianthi??

I digress.

I’m desperately wanting to find a place with amazing ribs.  EVERYONE claims they have the best ribs, but I’m sorry, guy from Fatz commercial – the best ribs in any town are not those of a chain restaurant.  They might be edible, good even, but not “the best.”

I won’t be able to find the best ribs place without traveling to North Carolina or Memphis or Kentucky or even Texas.  Maybe Alabama.  I’m convinced there are no great rib places in South Carolina, though.  I can’t go on this expedition without traveling money.
Solution:  Get a million dollars and do whatever I want…which includes doing this.

Maybe what I should do is make this into a documentary.  I don’t see how it could be a good documentary, but it’s not a documentary to find the best documentary.

What are the other two Top 3 dreams?

  1. Being on 30 Rock and getting to say, “Shut it down.  Shut it down.”
  2. To overcome my fear of whales so I can save babies from them.  What’s that?  That’s wells not whales?  Dream accomplished!!

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  1. I support this endeavor. As a fan of excellent ribs I understand the dilemma in trying to find the good ones.
    I think you could make the worldwide trek one city at a time, testing mom and pop barbecue spots as you go. having visited several states on little money myself I can say that it is within the realm of possibility.
    Good Luck on your mission sir.

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