How My Heart is Breaking This Week

Torture is a strong word, right?

So why is it considered torture to make suspected terrorists listen to Prince’s music!?  Am I practically waterboarding my girlfriend when I make a playlist of Prince songs for her?

Screw you!

Let me explain.  For a reason that escapes me, some artists wanted to know if terror suspects were being forced to listen to their music.
Then this list came out:

A Freedom of Information Act request filed on Thursday names 35 musicians or songs that 
it said were used against detainees at U.S. military detention centers, including the 
one at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
The National Security Archive -- the Washington-based independent research institute 
that filed the request -- said the documents it is seeking "contain explicit references 
to the following bands or songs":
-- AC/DC
-- Aerosmith
-- Barney theme song (By Bob Singleton)
-- The Bee Gees
-- Britney Spears
-- Bruce Springsteen
-- Christina Aguilera
-- David Gray
-- Deicide
-- Don McClean
-- Dope
-- Dr. Dre
-- Drowning Pool
-- Eminem
-- Hed P.E.
-- James Taylor
-- Limp Bizkit
-- Marilyn Manson
-- Matchbox Twenty
-- Meatloaf
-- Meow mix jingle
-- Metallica
-- Neil Diamond
-- Nine Inch Nails
-- Pink
-- Prince
-- Queen
-- Rage against the Machine
-- Red Hot Chili Peppers
-- Redman
-- Saliva
-- Sesame street theme music (By Christopher Cerf)
-- Stanley Brothers
-- The Star Spangled Banner
-- Tupac Shakur

And really, Bruce Springsteen??  The meow mix song I get.  Imagine having to listen to that over and over again.

Man that’s scary to think about.

And David Gray!  Come on!!  Do terrorists hate movie trailers to every romantic comedy or something?

I suppose Bruce Springsteen is on the for the same reason the Star Spangled Banner is.  Not because he’s hard to listen to but because it’s American through and through.  “Hate America do ya?  Well listen to this!  BORN IN THE USA!”

I give them credit for putting Saliva and Limp Bizkit on there, but no Hinder?  No Kid Rock?  No Uncle Kracker?  It’s just torture for me to have to hear them?  Ok.  Fair enough.

But Prince?  Damn.

And that is how my heart is breaking this week.

2 Replies to “How My Heart is Breaking This Week”

  1. Here are the reasons behind some of the choices:

    — AC/DC – Terrorists were on the Highway to Hell
    — Aerosmith – Terrorists were “Cryin'” after being waterboarded
    — Barney theme song (By Bob Singleton) – Repetition of crap will make anyone want to carve out their own brains.
    — The Bee Gees – Terrorists were barely “Stayin’ Alive” in Gitmo
    — Britney Spears – Terrorists were being “hit one more time”
    — David Gray – The terrorists wouldn’t give credible information, they would only “Babble On” (ok, bad Babylon pun)
    — Drowning Pool – the result of waterboarding
    — Eminem – He locked Kim in the basement, probably better than a being a torture victim
    — Limp Bizkit – Terrorists tried to figure out what constitutes a bigger tool, the rusty pliers used in torture, or Fred Durst.
    — Marilyn Manson – ’nuff said
    — Matchbox Twenty – Terrorists tried to “Push” us around.
    — Meatloaf – Terrorists would do anything for love, but they wouldn’t do “that”.
    — Metallica – Ever see the video for “One”?
    — Nine Inch Nails – 9″ nails were used in torture
    — Rage against the Machine – torture victims were quite upset with the devices used against them
    — Red Hot Chili Peppers – Terrorists had a lot of information, but would not “Give it Away”
    — Tupac Shakur – the only man hidden better than bin Laden.

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