Turns Out My Heart is Breaking This Week

I took a trip to Barnes and Noble today and ended up getting suckered into reading an US magazine.  Talk about John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston and I’ll pick you up, you stupid mag.

What was heartbreaking was not the story that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are secretly back together.  What got me was what they included in their despicable “Who Wore It Best” feature.

It’s bad enough that they have a feature where they show two female celebs in identical outfits and then poll readers on which “wore it best.”
It’s cruel and it probably hurts their feelings.  Especially when it comes to celebs.

But this issue also had a “Who Wore it Best” made up of KIDS of celebrities.  Kids!?!?

This is so wrong.

Why subject children who haven’t done anything other than have the misfortune of being born to parents in the public eye to such materialistic judgment??
And it’s not the fault of Chris Martin or Gwyneth Paltrow for deciding to have kids.  They try to shelter their kids from all this, but aside from keeping them in a hut in their backyard there really isn’t much they can do to keep these paparazzi vultures away.  So they end up getting their picture taken and plastered in a magazine to be judged by adults to see who wore a coat the best.

Is this really what our society has come to?  Adults who think it makes sense to put children in such a poll?  Or even worse, adults who had no problem answering the poll?

Maybe the Old Testament had it right.  There needs to be a flood.

And that is how my heart is breaking this week.

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