How My Heart is Breaking This Week



What do I have to be heartbroken about?
30 Rock is back; this week marked the 1 year anniversary for me and my girlfriend; there was a tragic story about a boy flying away in a balloon that turned out to be hilarious; and Jon Gosselin is getting sued by  TLC.
I guess the bad news is that I had to hear about Jon Gosselin again, but heartbreaking?  Not at all.

There are a few movies I’d like to see but can’t because I can’t afford a movie ticket at 9 bucks, not to mention 4 tickets.  And tonight is the fall season finale of Psych.  That’s not dope.

But I am not heartbroken.  There’s nothing fickle or sarcastic enough for me to joke that it’s breaking my heart right now.  Well, the fact that Tina Fey is married is always heartbreaking for me, but that is too close to home.

Yep.  I’m doin’ alright.

I’m just thinking the positivity energy of this blog will attract good things my way.

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