How My Heart is Breaking This Week

I am no Roman Polanski.  I’m not even a Benny Mardones.

If a girl is under the age of 21 I won’t even find her attractive.
I’m 30 right now and I won’t date a girl who isn’t at least 24.  If they’re 23 or 22 they’d have to be really, really amazing for me to consider it.  So I can’t imagine that when I’m in my 40s that I’d want to date a 23 year old.  Even if she is as lovely as Emmy Rossum.

But what I really can’t imagine is how someone as unattractive and as 45 years old as Adam Duritz is able to date 23 year old Emmy Rossum.,,20310985,00.html

I get why he’d want to date her.  She’s lovely.  Even if she is 22 years his junior.  But what in the hell is she smoking?  Did she light up one of his dreads and start puffing away?
I bet you could get real high off that hair…this from the person who hasn’t done drugs before.

Either way, the dude is messing up the scales.  Unattractive men dating highly attractive women are giving unattractive guys the wrong kind of hope.
The fat jerk walking down the street will not get the Emmy Rossum of his town…but now he thinks he can.
The nice, really good looking guy who is too modest to think he could get her doesn’t.  But it’s the fat jerks who always go for her so now she thinks that’s all she can get.  And she settles for the fat jerk who will cheat on her because now he’s thinking, “If I can get her who else can I get?!”

In the mean time, I’m stuck with not only having to compete with better looking guys for the Emmy Rossum’s of the world, but also the fat jerks of the world…who are also Grammy nominated.

I still blame Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox.  If they hadn’t given him the idea that he could date hot women this wouldn’t be happening.  Thanks.  Thanks.

And that is how my heart is breaking this week.

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