Jason Farr 3D

I’m noticing that a lot of movies these days have “3D” next to the main title.

My Bloody Valentine 3D, The Final Destiantion 3D, even a Jonas Brother movie was inexplicably in 3D.  Monsters Vs. Aliens and Up were both in 3D and Disney just remade Toy Story and Toy Story 2 into 3D movies just to turn a buck.  And it sorta worked!

It’s like 3D is the new “Tyler Perry.”
It would be huge if he got in on this new trend.  You know you want to see “Tyler Perry’s Madea in 3D.”  Or the sequel to his recent hit “I Can Do 3D All By Myself.”

This new craze really is working, though.  It’s getting butts in the seats.  Which gets me thinkin’, I’ve been having a hard time looking for work.  Maybe I need to spruce up my resume with the new “It” buzzword and put “3D” as one of my skills.

“I self-start in 3D!”
“3D communication skills.”
“Like America I run on Dunkin, but I do it in 3D.”

It could work.  I could even make the resume 3D and give out those red and blue glasses so people could read it.

The words will jump right off the page.

You saw that coming.

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