Gossip Hurl

How stupid are people?

I don’t think there is a way to measure that, but if there was it would be based on whoever believes this story:

Justin Timberlake Secretly Dating Rihanna

Dumbest part: “That blind item about which two pop stars made sweet music together, the girl giving the guy a lapdance is Rihanna and JT! It was at 10ak in NYC and they left together. They are seeing each other on the low!”

Lemme let you in on something, “unnamed source.”  If two people go to a popular club in New York City and one gives the other a lap dance THEN IT’S NOT ON THE LOW.

Do these people have any idea what low is?  “Low” could be things that are low to the ground like the gutter, which is where they found this story.  Low could also be reporting dirt and gossip as if it’s true.

The people who report this stuff are pretty stupid, but the people who believe it are even dumber.

Welp, have fun driving, everyone, because these people are out on the roads too!

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