How My Heart Is Breaking This Week

Looking for a job has been really tough lately.  It’s one thing not to find good work on Craigslist.  You almost expect to see listings for housekeepers who are willing to work in the nude on that site.  What gets me is finding bogus jobs on legitimate sites like Monster or Careerbuilder.

Am I the only one that thinks it’s strange that someone can post a bogus job listing on a website that is entirely designed to deceive you.

Why is it legal to tell people they can make $95k in 24 hours just because you bury a link on the homepage to a legal page that basically says, “BTW, no you won’t?”

And it’s not like the legal jargon is clear.  They don’t say, “I’m totally making all of this up just to get you to give me 25 bucks for a ‘starter kit’ that won’t get you anywhere.  And if you do make money with this scheme then you’re not only a genius for figuring out how, but you are also $.02 richer because that’s about all you’re gonna make with this thing.”  Instead they have a long-winded shpeel that you can’t understand, but is basically telling you, “This ain’t real dork.  We’re scheming you.  Now you can’t sue us.”

If I wrote you a note telling you that I was going to rob you I would be in jail, but because this is under the guise of an actual business deal they can get away with it.

I understand and am glad things like “Buyer Beware” exist because dumb asses will sue a  shoe company in a minute if their shoes don’t make them jump higher.  It’s protection from stupid people…we need a lot of that.

You sit and wait for a response to that the “Data Entry” position or that “Office Assistant” position you applied for.  You wondering whether or not you’d get it and why it’s taking them so long to get back to you.  Then you check your spam box just in case it was accidentally sent there and you see the response!  But when you click on the email you see it was all just a scheme.  The 9th one this week.  Great.  Bills are due and this was another bogus job that seemed real.

Thanks a lot job market.  You’re a biggity bitch.

And that is how my heart is breaking this week.

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