How Your Heart is Breaking Last Week

People are kinda stupid.

Let me back up.  The VMAs were last night.

Either people are extremely gullible and think Kanye’s outburst was real and not staged like I think it is.  Or people think his outburst was the equivalent of drop kicking Taylor Swift.

This is what happened.  Taylor Swift won an award.  Kanye ran on stage and interrupted her to say…

“Taylor, I’m happy you won” which is actually a compliment and, “but Beyonce made one of the best music videos ever.”  Another compliment.

Tactless?  Yes.

Over the top?  Yes.  As much as his newest hairstyle, but not quite as much as the several outfit changes Lady Gaga went through JUST TO SIT IN THE AUDIENCE.

Lady Gaga went from looking like a crow was trying to swallow her to looking like she was in a fight with some drapes and they won to looking like she fell on a porcupine.
Nobody complained about that though.

Was this really that big of a deal?  No.

But that hasn’t stopped Kelly Clarkson, Pink or Katy Perry from acting like Kanye waterboarded the girl.

People are saying “Kanye West is the biggest piece of $#@% in the world.”  Really?  You do realize that Osama Bin Laden is still out there, right?  You are aware that Scott Stapp is in this world, don’t you?  Bin Laden just orchestrated the worst attack on American soil, but if you interrupt Taylor Swift you have crossed the line!!

I’m not saying he wasn’t tactless.  He was.  It was Taylor’s moment and she’ll never get it back.  I suppose her wads of cash and her infinite blessings won’t be able to comfort her.

Here’s my thing though…if this was real why didn’t MTV do something sooner?  Did they think this was Kanye’s first time at an award show?  Did they not anticipate something like this since he’s done it before??

How do you not keep someone by him to make sure he doesn’t run on stage?  Or sit him really far in the back of the auditorium?

So I go back to my original point…people are kinda stupid.

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  1. I’m not surprised by anything MTV does anymore. Everything is for ratings and media attention now and both of them certainly got that.

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