Who’s a Purple Nurple?

The headline reads, “I Despise Kate.”

This is a quote from Jon Gosselin about his wife Kate Gosselin from “Jon and Kate Plus 8.”  Cute title, ugly life.  We saw her brow beat him for seasons.  She is annoying.

So he despises her, that we can agree on.  But that is probably the only thing because he thinks it’s a good idea to publicly say something like that about the mother of his children, while I think it is a horrible idea and detrimental to his family.  Hate her or not, she’s connected to you through your 8 kids and however many years of marriage.

Divorce is tough on kids, and when it’s public and nasty then it’s compounded significantly.  So these 8 kids are gonna go through hell.  They already have gone through hell, I suppose.  Considering they were being filmed all day and had to live with Jon and Kate Gosselin who were also their parents.  Can you imagine the horror that must be?

So good job, Jon.  Now your kids can hear daddy say he DESPISES mommy.  That’s worse than wearing t-shirts that look like they’re pajamas.

You are an idiot.

The real issue I have now is knowing who I would more like to shut up, Jon Gosselin or Levi Johnston.  Seriously, Levi, nobody cares about you and you keep talking about the person we’re tired of hearing about.

Who’s a purple nurple?  You’re a purple nurple.  Please go away.

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