Who’s a Purple Nurple?

Douche-on-douche fights are tough because you never know who to pull for.

Socialite Brody Jenner and “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis got into a bar fight yesterday that ended with one of them being tased.

We’ve gotten a lot of bad news this year, but that is pretty good news.  The only thing that would’ve made it better is if BOTH had gotten tased.

What makes me actually want to pull for Brody, which is very hard considering he’s got a douche-tastic name like BRODY, is that the fight started because Joe Douche-A-Lot beat up Brodouchalish’s girlfriend.

Big surprise the guy who created “Girls Gone Wild” has so little respect for women that he’d beat one.  When you think about it, what he’s done to the perception of women might actually be worse than what he did to Brody’s girl.  Both are pretty battered and bruised thanks to him.

A guy this skeevy makes you want to take a shower and get an AIDS test just when you hear his name.

Nothing has symbolized the spiral down the drain our society’s decency has taken more than those damn “Girls Gone Wild” videos.  Each time you look into the sad eyes of the girls in those commercials you see America die a little inside.

Can we get someone to picket that crap?  It’s truly killing our society by slowing suffocating women’s will to live and succeed.
How do you think this stuff makes women feel when the only other series with “Gone Wild” in the title is “Animals Gone Wild?”  Think about that.

So, who is a purple nurple on our society?  Who is the twisted and bruised useless piece of flesh that has caused a noticeable blemish on society’s body?

That’d be you, Joe Francis, you raging douche bag.

I can only hope the next “Girls Gone Wild” is a video series of strong women across the world finding you and beating you as much as you’ve visually and now physically beat our women.

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