The Age Old Question

We all know Ryan Reynolds is one pretty dude.

I mean, seriously.

We get it, Ryan.  For the sake of us dude, at least stop grooming your chest hair.  You don’t need to be THAT far ahead.

Emerging this summer as another ultra pretty boy is Bradley Cooper.  With his dazzling everything.

Which brings up the obvious question.  HOW DO I DO THAT??  Stop holding the secret!

I must know what I need to do to get that damn pretty.  Just once in my life I want to be that pretty so I can go to my next high school reunion and let my smile give the middle finger to every girl who was a jerk to me.

Seriously, is there any way to be prettier than these guys?

Oh.  Hey, Taye Diggs.

Man, I gotta get back in the gym.

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