Are You There, God? Tell Brad You Are.

Everybody seems worked up over Brad Pitt’s comments about his being an atheist.
My initial reaction was, “So you think you just got that pretty without the help of God, you irrestible bitch?”
After calming down and accepting my own looks (you’re like a young Taye Diggs, Jason.  Taye.  Diggs), my reaction was, “Ok.  Big whoop.  So he doesn’t believe in God.”

Ultimately it shouldn’t matter to me.  And it doesn’t.  That’s something that has absolutely nothing to do with me.  Every one has their own walk.

I’m a believer.  If for nothing else than dichotomy.  There has to be good and evil in the world.
There’s clearly evil in the world, how else do you think “Who Let the Dog’s Out” got made?

If Brad Pitt doesn’t believe and isn’t spreading hate (which he hasn’t except for when he made Benjamin Button) why should I care?  I want to know why believers care so much?

Do they think if people don’t believe that it will change God’s existence?

“If we all just believe then he’ll be real!”

What?  He’s not Santa Claus.  This isn’t Peter Pan.  It’s not gonna change God’s existence even if billions of people don’t believe.

I guess some people are just afraid that God really doesn’t exist, and in that case – you need to work on your own faith and stop worrying about Brad Pitt.  The dude is with Angelina Jolie and a wad of cash. He’s doing just fine for now.

I know some of you will say, “But that isn’t as good as Heaven.”  Granted, the Angelina/cash package might be the game show consolation prize equivalent to missing out on heaven.  The winner gets to go on a cruise to the Bahamas, but the losers won’t leave empty handed.  They’ll go home with a Frigidaire.

But hey, that’s a pretty nice fridge.

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