Frank You, Very Much

Barney Frank has been upgraded from Looney Toons character to Cool Looney Toons character.

But come on, Barney, you don’t get a figure like that because you don’t like to talk to a dining room table.

In all seriousness, it is very true (and should be very obvious) that comparing President Obama or President Bush to Hitler is tremendously insulting to those who went through the horror that was the Holocaust.  It is despicable to compare people to Hitler if they aren’t perpetrating mass genocide, but it also diminishes the atrocities committed by the Nazis on innocent people.

These idiots at these town hall meetings are actually going to compare a health care plan to the Holocaust?  And then expect to be treated like a normal person?

Here’s a tip:  When you make stupid comments people will automatically treat you like you’re stupid.
Here’s why:  Because you are!

I know we all enjoy the Constitutional right to express our views about our country freely.  That doesn’t mean we should be misinformed and not know when to shut the hell up.

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