How My Heart is Breaking This Week

Stupid parents are…well, I’ve already said it, stupid.

I’ve long said that stupid people are ruining our country.  Think about it, every single warning you see on products is because some dumb person tried whatever it is the label is warning against.

And I know what you’re thinking, “But, Jason.  That would be a good thing cause now the warning is out.”  I don’t think it is a good thing for two reasons.  1) The stuff people are doing with electronics or bottles or cans are clearly not the kind of activity the object was intended for.  2) Survival of the fittest.  If you warn people out stuff we don’t get to weed out all the dumb people.

Wanna fix health care?  Get rid of all the dumb people.  Then there would be far less ER visits.  Hospitals could be more efficient because there’d be less patients.

Well, now dumb people have gone and broken my heart.  Usually, they just anger me.  This incident I’m about to describe still angers me, but it also makes me feel bad for the kids of these parents.

I went to see this new R rated movie called District 9.  I think it’s not a bad movie.  Here’s the thing though…it’s REALLY violent.  People are shot and exploded with alien weaponry.  It’s gory stuff.  I didn’t necessarily know it would be this gory going in but I knew it wasn’t kid friendly.


BECAUSE THE MOVIE IS RATED R!  Just like Ralph Tresvant.

So imagine my surprise when I see an adorable little girl walking in with her adorable Teddy Bear and her mother who was about as intelligent as that Teddy Bear, but without the cuteness.  Seriously, lady?  You think this movie is appropriate?

To me, that is far worse than letting a kid play video games all day.  But, that’s stupid too.

At the end of the movie I saw that there was a 2nd kid with this family.  He looked about 5.  So…these parents are stupid.  And those kids are fighting an uphill battle, because let’s face it – how well can stupid people raise kids?

Stupid parents, TRIX are for kids…not violent movies.

And that is how my heart is breaking this week.

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  1. It’s insane how much this happens. Once I saw a kid crying during a movie because of the violence and the parents kind of consoled the kid, but didn’t take them out of the movie or anything. I felt sorry for the kid…that he/she had such lousy parents.
    If they can’t afford a babysitter, maybe they shouldn’t be spending their money on going to the movies in the first place.

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