Diplomatic Immunity

Finally!  We have good needs coming from North Korea.  Laura Ling and Euna Lee, two journalists imprisoned in North Korea who were facing a 12 year sentence, are going to be released per former President Bill Clinton’s request.

US Journalists Released

The situation had upset many, particularly journalists and anyone with half a soul, because the circumstances seemed bogus.  So we’re all glad they’ll be back – safe and sound.

Now we can get to other important matters.  Like Beyonce Vs. Lady Gaga at the VMAs!!  Did you hear they’re both nominated for 9 awards??  BOTH?!?

Who will win!?

How many outfits do you think Lady Gaga will go through that night?  I’m gonna go with 27.  Not only because it’s my lucky number, but 27 is also a low number for her outfit changes on any given day.

I honestly don’t think I know what she looks like.  Not because I’m not familiar with her, but because she changes her look so much.  I don’t think I’d recognize Lady Gaga if I saw her on the street in her everyday clothes.  Then again, her “everyday” clothes involve 5lbs of make-up, 30 aluminum cans, 12 trash bags and the hair of an entire horse.

But yeah.  Thanks, Bill Clinton.

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