That is One Gay Tiger (I Love You, Tina Fey)

In a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, Jon Gosselin said he was just a “regular guy.”  I didn’t know the “regular guy” standard was set so low and douchey.  What does that make the characters on “Entourage?”  Slightly less douche bagged?

Seriously, what “regular guy” wears this shirt?

Hey, Jon, the cast of Cats called.  They said you look like an idiot.

In the same interview Jon Gosselin said his new girlfriend “loves me for who I am and not what I do.”

So, ladies, if she can love him for who he is, surely you can love your boyfriend for playing XBox all day and arguing that Axe is a substitute for bathing because it’s like Lysol for the body.

Seriously, could someone tell me what he does exactly?  Other than being enough of an ass-clown to give people like me endless opportunities to make fun of him?

The only thing I can do now is ask how I never noticed this before?  My guess is that Kate Gosselin was such a jerkface that it overshadowed his douche baggery.
That takes talent.  Kudos to you, Kate.  It’s the one thing I can compliment you on.  That and having the ability to make me immediately hate anyone I see with your hairstyle.

Let’s hope the apples fall far, far from the tree.

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