How My Heart is Breaking This Week

Now I know how Jim Halpert felt.

Do you remember when Jim on “The Office” professed his love for a then engaged Pam Beesly?  Remember how that sucker punch felt when she told him she just wanted to be friends, and that tear?  That single tear down Jim’s face?

The real-life Pam, Jenna Fischer, is engaged, folks.  Engaged!!  To some dude that looks like McG.  This is worse than the day I found out that Janet Jackson was once married to someone from DeBarge.
I could never dance to the beat of the rhythm of the night after that.  How will I leave my worries all behind?!?

Matters were only made worse when the wedding of American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi was also announced this week.
Kara, who gave us all a vision of love on the season finale this year, actually broke my heart twice.  Most guys were thrilled when Fox announced that this new, attractive lady would be on TV.  The very next day there were reports that she just got engaged.  And who could blame the guy for locking that up quickly?  He realized he needed to get a ring on that finger before she got too famous.  Smart move, but it cost me my unshattered heart.

So now this; a one-two punch straight to the gut.  Two lovely ladies get hitched…to other dudes.  Let’s shed it all together, fellas.

Single tear.

And this is how my heart is breaking this week.

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