Extra, Extra! Tweet All About It!

A writer for the Associated Press asked today, “Is Twitter the News Source of the 21st Century?”  This is a response to seemingly everyone hearing about the recent deaths of celebrities on Twitter.

I’m still holding out on seeing my all-time most desired trending topic, “Spiedi Spontaneously Combust,” but that doesn’t mean I want to get my news from Twitter.

Can you imagine how awful it would be to only get your news from tweets?  There is only so much you can say in 140 characters and I don’t want to read headlines like “Prez rsts opstn on mlprtc cps.”  What does that even mean??

And shouldn’t news be accurate and important?  Granted, legitimate news outlets get stuff wrong and have questionable standards for what is newsworthy but “Twitter News” would make Leeza Gibbons look like the messenger of God himself.

If Twitter was the only place people were getting their news then there would be people walking around right now thinking that Jeff Goldblum is dead.

Just think about this first, 21st Century.  Is Shaq’s ramblings really a news story?

Wit love like all the twitterers show me, I don’t want no enemys Love you all.”
-An Actual Tweet of Shaq’s

Seriously.  What the hell does that even mean??

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