How My Heart Is Breaking This Week

It’s pretty obvious how just about anyone’s heart is breaking this week.  It’s been one crazy news cycle.

National news stories started with the fickle stories we are usually subjected to like Perez Hilton complaining that he called a guy a “faggot” or Jon and Kate (who I still consider fickle because those people are pathetic).
Then we had the realization that we are that much closer to losing an amazing generation when we heard about the passing of Ed McMahon.
Things were brought home for South Carolinians when our Governor finally came home and announced he hadn’t been faithful to his wife and was off gallivanting with his mistress on taxpayer money.
Then, in one day, we lost two icons.  One, 70’s sex symbol Farrah Fawcett; the other, music icon Michael Jackson.

The saddest part may be the tragedy that filled the end of these figures’ lives.  Fawcett’s son was in jail and she died after a long battle with cancer.  Ed McMahon was having financial woes and had many health issues making this last year a very difficult one for him.  And Michael Jackson, just 50 years old, dies under mysterious conditions.  His life ended with his name and career being severely tarnished by claims of highly inappropriate and illegal acts, bankruptcy and strange behavior.  He died without his “comeback” moment which so many were hopeful would turn his career and his financial situation around.

The plan was to do “How My Heart is Breaking This Week” every week but it seems all too obvious this week.  My planned blog about Ryan Reynolds’ Entertainment Weekly cover won’t work next week.  That pretty bastard will escape my comedic take on my personal heartbreak this week.  I’m sure he’ll be unreasonably attractive some other time.

I just don’t have a joke this week.  My childhood hero is gone.

Do yourself a favor and listen to the Jackson 5’s “I Wanna Be Where You Are” so you can know how giant that whole MJ left is.  And that is how my heart is breaking this week.

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