The New iPhone 3G S and How I’m Going to Lose Friends

The new iPhone 3G S has people all in a tizzy. Some are simply because they get excited about new technology. Others are upset that they “have to pay full price” on the new phone. A few just like to say, “tizzy.” People are in a tizzy for shizzy either way.

I would fall under the first category. I, unlike many of my friends, do not have an iPhone. I don’t even have the Touch which is obvious to most people because usually I mistakenly call it the iTouch. I still love technology though, I think it’s nifty.  Apparently, I’m also from the 1950’s.

The iPhone 3G S is a pretty cool piece of technology. The camera on the new phone is as good as my current camera. The main reason I haven’t switched to an iPhone yet was because the camera on it wasn’t as good as my regular camera which is also my phone. So I figured I’d just wait. It looks like the wait is over, so I’m pretty excited about getting this phone one day.

Note that I said, “one day.” I can wait, and that seems to be the very problem with a lot of the complainers. They can’t wait until they are eligible for the discount.

If you’re not on a two year contract with AT&T then you can sign a new two year contract and buy the new iPhone 3G S at the discounted price of either $199 for the 16G model or $299 for the 32G model. I found this out because I called customer service and asked. Morgan, the lady I spoke to, said if I’m a new customer or if I’m an existing customer with an expired contract I can get the deal when I sign a two year contract.

Then I had questions for her. I asked if you can get the deal if you are one year into a two year contract. Morgan said, “It depends.If you’ve been paying your bill on time and haven’t had your service suspended you will be eligible for an upgrade allowing you to get the new iPhone at the discounted rate other two year contract signers are getting. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until you are 18 months into your contract in order to get the upgrade. So basically – wait 6 months.  I suppose if you already have an iPhone it’s really, really hard to wait 6 more months to get…an iPhone.

Oh man, I just love this drink I’m drinking.  I can’t wait to drink more of it.  I don’t think I can wait all the time it takes for my hand to reach over and pick it up and then put it up to my mouth and then tip the drink into my mouth and then swallow the drink and then it’s in my belly!  I just can’t wait!  Whatever will I do!?!

It’s like people are being the spoiled brat who couldn’t just wait until Christmas to get something.  Wait, what is in 6 months?  CHRISTMAS!  So they are literally being the kids who couldn’t wait until Christmas!

The complaint many AT&T customers are leaving on the AT&T website or on Twitter and Facebook and even in an actual petition is, “We’ve been longtime customers. This is a smack in our faces.”

Maybe the problem isn’t that they can’t wait. Maybe the problem is how they define “longtime.” The iPhone 3G, the iPhone most of the complainers have, came out a year ago. So they are a year into their two year contract. A year!? That’s a long time now? I guess in the “Instant Age” we live in a year is a long time. No wonder people in their late 20s think I’m “soooo old” at 30. But I’m youthful!

Just to get things straight, here are eligibility requirements to getting an iPhone 3G S at the discounted rate:

  • Be a new customer and sign a 2 year contract
    Be an existing customer whose contract is up and sign a new 2 year contract
    Be an existing customer 11 to 18 months into an existing 2 year contract and in good standing
    Not be lame and wait 6 months to a year to get the discount since YOU ALREADY HAVE AN iPHONE

Or you can do what I’m doing. #squarespace

2 Replies to “The New iPhone 3G S and How I’m Going to Lose Friends”

  1. Jason, I find your article amusing, and especially since I am one of those iPhone people. Haha, hold the laughter.

    However, you’re missing the overall picture. It’s not about being impatient. It’s about customer service and loyalty. How many people switched from their current carriers to AT&T solely for the iPhone? AT&T should count their lucky stars they are the only network selling iPhones. Otherwise, Verizon would knock them out of the park.

    And what about the “old generation” iPhones selling for $99?? So some regular Joe can buy one solely on the price point! The horror!!

    I didn’t have an iPhone based on price, but because I love it. Actually, I love anything Apple.

    So to those first generation iPhone owners, I feel your pain. There is a bond between owner and iPhone that cannot be satisfied by simply WAITING six months for an upgrade that we deserve. Yes, deserve. We sent AT&T stocks soaring upon the launch. The least the monster can do is offer us the same deal ‘ole Joe is getting!

    But I’ll wait.

    Wait for my AT&T contract to expire, switch back to Verizon, get a Blackberry and wait until the VZW iPhone is launched.

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