Little Known Facts

Did you know that beating yourself up didn’t use to be meant figuratively?  It’s true.  People used to actually beat themselves up over certain mistakes they may have made.  Like spilling milk.  They would spill milk, beat themselves up and then cry about it.

But that’s not where the saying comes from.  The saying, “There’s no use crying over spilt milk” actually comes from what cows used to do when farmers would accidentally knock over a bucket of milk spilling it all over the place.  The farmers would say, “No use crying over spilt milk, cow, cause cows can’t cry.”

This is all true.  They’re just little known facts.

Here are some other little known facts you probably haven’t heard of before:

  • ♦Speed dating originated from people going out on dates while on speed.
  • ♦Steven Seagal is Chuck Norris’s fault.  Not because he popularized karate movies that star white dudes you wouldn’t expect to know karate, but because Chuck Norris failed to defeat Steven Seagal in their notorious Octagon match.  It’s the only fight of Chuck Norris’s that ended in a draw.
  • ♦Back when this fight occured, “ending in a draw” meant that the opponents draw a portrait and finish first in order to win.  Norris’s portrait was of Theo Huxtable.
  • ♦Maury Povich is actually the father in all the paternity tests done on his show.
  • ♦Peanut Butter Jelly Time is my favorite time of the year but did you know it’s not observed in Indiana or Nebraska?  Of course you didn’t.  It’s a little known fact.
  • ♦The Loch Ness Monster may not really exist but the Pop-N-Loch Ness Monster is totally real and an awesome break dancer.  He’s responsible for the “Worm” dance.

Those are just a few Little Known Facts.  Check back for more L.K.F.

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  1. dude, you’re totally messed up.
    but this totally made me laugh, so kudos to you!
    keep it up, bro!

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