Am I the Only One Seeing This?

I’ve seen some weird things scrolled across the bottom of my TV lately.  I’m talking about closed captioning and weather advisories.

Around the Kentucky Derby a couple of weeks ago I was watching the Weather Channel, but the TV was muted so the closed captioning was on the screen.
I guess the anchors were talking about Mint Juleps, and I’m sure the person doing the closed captioning had been drinking themselves because when the anchors mentioned Mint Juleps the caption was “mint Jew lips.”

Now maybe a computer was doing the closed captioning and not a person but either the person doing the closed captioning is racist or someone is programming computers to hate Jewish people.  I’m worried that when the machine’s revolt and take over the world they’ll be anti-semitic.

And just last night there was a flash flood warning in my area and the warning across the bottom of the TV screen read, “If you encounter a flood be prepared to seek higher ground.  If traveling, remember, turn around, DON’T DROWN.”

I’m not kidding.  That happened.

What kind of advice is that?  Can you imagine if that was how we taught children to avoid danger?

“If you are on fire, remember kids, don’t get burned.”  “If you see downed power lines, don’t touch them; but if you do, don’t get electrocuted.”  “Don’t get in a stranger’s van because he offers you candy, but by all means – eat the candy.”

I’m sure a couple more people found themselves in an unemployment line recently.

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