May the Dark Horse Be With You

We’ve seen quite a few dark horses overcome stiff competition and become victors lately.

Kris Allen on American Idol
Rachel Alexandra at the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness
Jon Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8 (who am I kidding, he doesn’t stand a chance)

So, maybe, only two.

But it’s been a big week for dark horses and underdogs.  The Nuggets tied the series with the Lakers.  Orlando is up in their series against Lebron and the Cavs (which the Cavaliers should either officially change their name to or start a 50’s doo-wop group with that name).

I say it’s time for another dark horse to emerge from obscurity in the way Kris Allen did when the American Idol producers were, at first, too excited about Danny Gokey to acknowledge this year’s inevitable American Idol.  Then too blown away by Adam Lambert to even try to get duel Entertainment Weekly covers for both of them the week before the finale.
By the way, AI producers, way to jinx Adam Lambert – the guy you clearly wanted to win.  This precedence brings being on the cover of EW to Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx status.
If Kris Allen is the Rachel Alexandra of AI this year, Lambert is the Bob Schloredt.

Nonetheless, it’s time for the next dark horse… and HERE I AM!

I have all the same disadvantages:  Nobody knows who I am; everyone is too busy paying attention to something else going on to notice what I’m doing; and I have talent but not the right opportunity to show it.
So let’s have it.  Come on opportunity!

People love a good story about overcoming adversity.  Granted, my obstacles aren’t bad at all.  I’m working here or there, I have a great family and extremely supportive friends.  I’m generally a happy person.  These are just jokes.

But what I really wanna do is act.  (wink)

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