How My Heart is Breaking This Week

Turns out Boston Legal’s (is this show still on?) Julie Bowen delivered twins this morning.  This will be babies two and three for her and her husband.

I knew she was married but this story just reminded me and it’s not any less heartbreaking!

Oh, Julie Bowen, how we all knew what Ed from NBC’s Ed was going through as he literally attempted to be your knight in shining armor.
You embodied the perfect girl so well that Ed wasn’t even the first or the last time you’d play a guy’s “perfect girl.”  First stealing the heart of Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore and more recently playing Jack’s perfect wife on LOST.

Only you could be typecast in such a role.

But having to read that you’re having even more kids with your real estate investing husband (Really?  David Spade not low enough on the totem pole, Julie?)  just brings back all those old feelings.

Thanks for finding a way to break our hearts twice.  Only Sandra Bullock has been able to accomplish such a feat but “that’s another show” as they say on Jerry Springer.

Nonetheless, this is how my heart is breaking this week.

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