No Amount of Alcohol Can Take the Blame For This

It looks like Ron Howard’s new movie “Angels and Demons,” a prequel to the extremely controversial “The Da Vinci Code,” is already causing a stir of its own.  Almost guaranteeing that the movie will be a hit.  Isn’t that how it always works?

Catholic leaders claim the movie spreads lies about the church so now he is defending the movie.  But what he really needs to defend is his part in this:

Three things about this will never be understood.

  1. Why did anyone involved with this video think to ask Ron Howard to be in it?
  2. Why did Ron Howard say yes to being in it?
  3. Why is Jake Gyllenhaal driving?  Cause he’s the one member of this crew without an Oscar?  Is the economy really that bad that he needs to take a job as Jamie Foxx’s driver no matter how ridiculous the entourage?

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  1. So… Ron Howard is trying to blame his new movie on the alcohol? Is that what his presence in this video is trying to communicate? 🙂

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