Hopelessly Bromantic

I recently decided to take a look at my recent cell phone activity.  I’m considering changing networks and wanted to know who I speak to the most to aid me in determining what network to go with.  Can’t beat those mobile-to-mobile benefits.

Turns out that the two people I talk to the most, who are both on the same network but not the same as mine, are my girlfriend and my best friend, Clay.

Initially, this was good news.  I can just go with that network.  But after looking a little closer at the amount of minutes spent on the two of them side-by-side I see that I talk to my best friend on the phone a lot more than I talk to my girlfriend.

In some ways there’s a 2-1 difference!

For instance, during the month of March I spent 330 minutes of my time on my bf (which, at least for now, will stand for “best friend”).  Not even half of that was spent on my girlfriend, only 151 minutes.
The longest phone call was for 28 minutes and it was with Clay (not like Clay Aiken).  The longest phone call I had with my girlfriend was 14 minutes.  Half that of the longest call I had with my “friend!”

For the month of February I spent only 100 minutes more on my cell with my bff than with my girlfriend.

It’s not always so lopsided in Clay’s favor though.  When it comes to amount of calls Clay only outpaces her by a few.  46-43 for February.  That’s still not great though!  Despite having so many phone calls with my girlfriend we spend very little time on each call.  We must hate talking to each other.  Or she’s screening my phone calls.  Maybe I can just assume it’s because she’d rather see me than talk to me.  Nah.  She hates the sound of my voice.

So I guess I’m dating my friend?  Judging by how much time we spend on the phone we must be!  Wait, he hasn’t returned my calls the last few days.  Nor has he responded to text messages or emails.

Oh no.  He’s breaking up with me!

4 Replies to “Hopelessly Bromantic”

  1. Knowing Jordan this makes a lot of sense. I think you can have your bromance and save her from having so much phone time!

  2. My theory on your bromance:

    Clay lives further away, so you can’t get good face time with him. If you call Clay, you might talk about what he has done all week. If you call your girlfriend the convo might go, “Hey, let’s meet at 6 for dinner at Climpy’s.”

    I believe over all you talk to your g/f more.

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