How I Met Your Food – er – My Food

If you’re anything like me you’re awesome.

That really sounds like something Barney Stinson should say on How I Met Your Mother. I’m gonna try to float it to their writers.

But if you really are anything like me then you can be easily swayed by pictures of food. What I mean is, if I see someone eating a club sandwich on an episode of The West Wing then I will want a club sandwich. And there was so much talk, and more importantly so many pictures of, hot wings around the Super Bowl that I craved them for weeks.

Now I’m craving a delicious chicken pot pie because I just saw an article about good chicken recipes. Food is at every turn. I can’t escape it. This cruel, gluttonous world is the very reason I had to ban the Food Network. It’s pretty bad when I watch Everyday Italian and I’m more mesmerized by the food than Giada De Laurentis.

You know, now I sound more like Marshall than Barney.

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