Oh, I Got Jokes

EW.com reported this week that director Michael Mayer is adapting a musical for the Green Day album American Idiot then asked what albums others would like to see made into a musical.  I’d like to see the Pussycat Dolls convert any of their albums into musicals.
What?  I said I’d like to see it, not hear it.


Madonna has come under fire recently for her attempts at adopting a second child from Malawi.  Critics are saying she’s being a “bully” and is using her “money and status to manipulate.”
I say I’m tired of hearing about Guy Ritchie and Madonna’s marriage.


A man in Michigan allegedly had his pants set on fire and a teen is to blame for the incident.  At his arraignment the teen defended himself by saying, “Clearly he’s lying.”
If only Johnnie Cochran were still alive to defend this kid.  “If his pants are on fire, he must be a liar.”


Police in Salt Lake City say that a customer fired shots into a McDonald’s Drive Thru window after being told by a worker that they weren’t serving lunch yet.
Wow.  Rosie O’Donnell must really love her McRib.
Ya know, this is just more proof that eating at McDonald’s can kill.  But for serious, those McGriddle’s are to die for.

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