How My Heart is Breaking This Week

Oh, Winnie Cooper from TV’s The Wonder Years.  You were the perfect cast.  You had to exemplify every girl an adolescent boy ever swooned over and you did it with such ease.  We all thought we had a chance with you.

And last week we all felt what Kevin felt that time he saw you kissing another guy at the summer resort when…you got married.  I mean the real you, not Winnie.  I mean Danica McKellar.  You grew up to be a math wiz and your beauty equaled that of your brains.

We all saw how The Wonder Years ended but secretly hoped we, unlike Kevin, would end up with the girl.  But it would never be.  You’re married now, but I still can’t help but look back on old times…with wonder.

And that is How My Heart is Breaking This Week.

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