Is Awesome

Jason Farr Is Awesome

Jason Farr is an awesome actor located in the Southeastern United States.


Hang On, Comics, Let’s Just Hang On

I totally understand it. We want to be – we NEED to be – the first comic to make a poignant joke on social media. It’s true. Not because it’s helps anything. Without a lot of followers being the first to make a solid joke about a national topic no one notices. Your tree fell […]

You Are an Old Man and a Fool!!

He was 15!?!?

How-Old.Net and I have a perfectly healthy relationship. I say they have no bugs that need to be fixed! Carry on.

Things I Learned

I’m hungry all the time now.

“Let them eat cake,” I say!

It was as tasty as it was badass!

If “them” means “me and only me,” that is.